AktivOxigen Serum

AktivOxigen Serum

Get rid of bad breath from the tonsils with this excellent serum. The AktivOxigen Serum is a concentrated liquid form of the potent AktivOxigen tablets.

"I just received my California Breath products and in one day after using the full-strength AO Serum, that awful, sour taste that plagued the back of my tongue is gone!"
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The AktivOxigen Serum should be mixed with water to make your own Cailfornia Breath Mouth Wash or add it to any California Breath Mouth Wash to make it stronger.

One bottle of Serum lasts for about 60 rinses. The bottle is ideal for putting in your bag or briefcase and means you have access to fresh breath and confidence wherever you are.

Pack size: 30 ml (1.0 fl.oz)

Supply: 60 rinses

Ingredients: Unflavoured Active Cl02 in liquid form

Directions: The AktivOxigen Serum comes in it´s own mixing container. Simply mix the AktivOxigen Solution as you use it.

Using the included dropper, add 1/2 dropper into the container and fill with water to the line. For a stronger solution, use 1 full dropper. Always mix with water, do not use directly from the bottle to the mouth.

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Customer reviews
Dear California Breath, I want to thank you very much. I use California Breath products every day and my teeth and mouth are in excellent condition. I also use Dr. Katz's Tongue Cleaner, my mouth feels great after using Dr. Katz's products. Dr. Katz products are the best! Thank you!

D.K., Greece

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