California Breath Plus Extinguisher Spray - 3 pack

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AktivOxigen Serum

Get rid of bad breath from the tonsils with this excellent ...

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Dr. Katz Lozenges for Fresh Breath

These brand new lozenges from Dr. Katz are completely different fro...

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Oraldent Powerfloss

However well you brush your teeth, brushing alone does not remove a...

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California Breath is a unique range of oral care products which were formulated by Dr. Harold Katz at the California Breath Clinics in America. Our exclusive formula has been used for nearly 20 years and by over 1 million people worldwide.


Our formula today is the most effective way to get rid of the embarrassing issue of bad breath, halitosis and unpleasant mouth taste.

Originally there was only the California Breath Mouth Wash and Toothpaste but this product range has been expanded dramatically to include products to help get rid of tonsil stones, whiten teeth whilst treating bad breath, bad breath products for your nasal and sinus passages/tongue and tonsils and we even have a range of products for pets with bad breath!

How do the California Breath products work?

Dr. Katz has a background in Bacteriology and this helped him find that bad breath is caused by Anaerobic Sulphur producing bacteria.  This bacteria breeds within the surface of the tongue and throat.  If put under certain conditions, for example on medication, alcohol or dairy consumption and many other factors, this bacteria will start the production of the volatile sulphur compounds which are found in bad breath.     We know that bad breath does not come from the digestive system, it comes from the mouth, tongue and throat.

Armed with this information, Dr. Katz developed formulas which would attack the sulphur producing bacteria.   He then set up the internationally recognised California Breath Clinics where he treated and studies patients with halitosis, tonsil stones and other oral care problems that couldn’t be helped with other products.

The result?   A product range which results in the complete elimination of over 98% of volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath and halitosis within a month.   You can even feel the effects of these products after just a few days but after a month you will have fresh breath confidence.

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Customer reviews
Dear California Breath, I want to thank you very much. I use California Breath products every day and my teeth and mouth are in excellent condition. I also use Dr. Katz's Tongue Cleaner, my mouth feels great after using Dr. Katz's products. Dr. Katz products are the best! Thank you!

D.K., Greece

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